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Use Your Words

It’s like I’ve forgotten how to write right now. As with so many autobiographical things I say here on JALC (auto-blogographical?), that statement has a bit of hyperbole to it. In the workplace context, I am as verbose with the … Continue reading

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And Every Color Illuminates

Today’s post is a Blogging 101 “two-fer”: I’ll be playing catchup on the first two assignments for the challenge — a task made rather a lot easier by the fact that I completed these same two assignments back in September. … Continue reading

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Limping into 2015

I’m not one for making New Year’s Resolutions. But I’ve built up a handful of New Year’s traditions over the decades. There’s the cliched gestures of celebrations — a good bottle of champagne, watching the countdown on TV, a shared … Continue reading

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My Own Private Infirmary

I am so tired of being sick.

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Reading My Will(ingness)

Okay, I hadn’t quite expected to roll up the sidewalks here for an entire month while doing my Shakespearian NaBloPoMo experiment.* In retrospect, perhaps I should have seen that coming. After all, my November schedule–full-time job, 2 “college courses”** (one … Continue reading

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NaMo: Yes, No, Maybe So?

Mr. Mezzo has been spending the last week making preparations for his imminent descent in NaNoWriMo. For anyone unfamiliar with the concept, NaNoWriMo is a (mostly) virtual event in which a bunch of writers band together and pledge to write … Continue reading

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A Hurricane of Textuality

I guess I have some super-secret MezzoSherri playbook, where the private definition of “I’m going to post a couple times a week” means, instead: I’m going to take two weeks off where I don’t write a damn thing at all. … Continue reading

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