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Use Your Words

It’s like I’ve forgotten how to write right now. As with so many autobiographical things I say here on JALC (auto-blogographical?), that statement has a bit of hyperbole to it. In the workplace context, I am as verbose with the … Continue reading

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Validation and Valediction

I chose not to give a valedictory address when I graduated high school. This was less of a break with tradition than it might initially seem: unlike most high schools, my school didn’t automatically tap the¬†class valedictorian to give a … Continue reading

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On Modulations and Tone

(Quick hit: another proposal due tomorrow, and also much in the way of packing/preparing for the house-sitter. Still, since these grounds will be semi-fallow for a stretch of time, I am compelled to put something up, even if it’s more … Continue reading

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